Commercial Real Estate Loans - Bridge Loans, Fix and Flip Loans, 90 Day Loans, Asset Based Loans, Interest Only Loans, No Doc Loans and much more 

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We have several types of commercial real estate loans to
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Commercial Real Estate Loans: Bridge Loans, Fix and Flip Loans, 90 Day Loans, Asset Based Loans, Interest Only Loans, No Doc Loans and much more. Our diverse portfolio and industry insights make us the ideal solution for commercial real estate loans. 
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Are you looking to access some of the most straightforward terms, best rates, which start at 7.5%, and the fastest loans on earth?
CFS Investment Capital is a Direct Bridge & Hard Money Lender with over 30 years of experience as a trusted resource providing Commercial Real Estate Loans. 


fix and flip loans for beginners

You can gain funding for nationwide projects in commercial loans, adaptive re-use, construction lines of credit, ground-up construction, fix & flip or buy and hold loans, and more! We specialize in all types of loans and have competitive rates & flexible terms. 

For example, we provide short-term funding, 90 Day loans, or Interest Only loans.

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My experience with CFS...was like a dream come true! The level of clarity and support I received along the way really helped carry me to the finish line of this process. Highly recommended.

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He has a wealth of knowledge in the real estate and financial services. Richard also has an uncanny instinct for getting results when it comes to negotiating and mediation. There is no one like him in the industry. He is truly a master of his craft.

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Our Commercial Real Estate Loan Process
& Investment Property Loan Requirements

Step 1: Submit an application with the property address and the proposed construction budget if required.

Step 2: Our Assessment & Due Diligence team will analyze the application, the property, and the opportunity to determine risk and rate within 2-3 days.

Step 3: The file will then be transitioned to the processing team with recommendations and the processing team will then review and issue a term sheet also considered a funding offer within the following 2-3 days.

Step 4: The Borrower will then review, acknowledge, and accept the terms offered by signing and return sheet with the required deposit within (avg. 3 days).

Step 5: Upon receipt of the required deposit and executed documentation to include the purchase contract; next, a title report and an appraisal report is ordered and completed (avg. 7-10 days).

Step 6: Finally, when all of the essential documents are in place and approved by underwriting then the file goes to funding and the closing agent (avg. 3 days).

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General Terms & Conditions 

Interest Rate: 
      Hard Money Loans starting at 9.9% Interest Only
      Private Loan starting at 7.5% Principal and Interest Payment Amortized Over 30 Years 
      Conventional Loans starting at Competitive Market Rates
     * A derivative of Prime or LIBOR

Amortization: Interest only monthly

Interest Reserve: Pre-funded at Lender discretion

Security: Generally first mortgages only

LTV: Up to 75% with exceptions

Brokers: Affiliates/Brokers always protected

* Rates and terms may vary based on the asset. Prepayment Penalties may apply. Cash Reserves May Be Required


Genuine Real Estate
Investments Make Easy

  • You will learn about unique places to search for assets known and accessible only to a select few based on our experience.

  • Identify and analyze properties to choose the best option for investment.

  • Learn the negotiation process and be able to develop skills to negotiate transaction successfully to maximize your benefits.

  • How to get the best price and contractors for repairs for your project.

  • Maximize the profits, minimize your risks while disposing of your properties much quicker than your competitors.

  • How and where to connect with like minded individuals to support your vision, growth, and development.

  • How to eliminate negative influences from your environment and much more.


3 Commercial Real Estate Investment: MYTHS

Myth # 1

"You Need a Perfect Credit Score to Invest"

One of the most popular myths in commercial lending is that getting a loan relies on personal credit. In contrast, commercial loans are often obtained by a business entity and not the individual. Commercial hard money lenders or private lenders seek the property as collateral instead; so, personal credit does not have to factor into the equation. Even if you have a history of imperfect credit, you should still be able to secure a commercial real estate loan.
People with excellent credit will generally have an easier time getting approved for a loan; however, competitively-priced options are available for those with lower scores as well. Occasionally, a credit report may be required to confirm your identity and character as part of the investment property loan requirements. Ultimately, you should find a loan assistance program for investment property that meets your specific needs.  We have a Shared Equity Program where it is possible to get a loan and share in equity without putting any money down.

Myth # 2

“Something Is Wrong If The Property Is For Sale.”

The term "good" is subjective and individually based. A deal that is good to one person may be a waste of capital to another. People sell properties for varying reasons, and it all depends on their objectives and strategy. Some people sell a property because they had an exit plan in mind when they brought it, while others sell off their property because they need cash flow to buy another, more profitable property. It can be self-sabotaging and unnecessarily stressful to over-think the market and search for flaws in a property that are not there.

A good investor knows that they should complete all of the essential due diligence associated with obtaining a property like an inspection, an appraisal, a title search, etc. Suppose you surround yourself with a knowledgeable team who know is well versed in the commercial market. In that case, they can assist you in conducting the proper research on a property and insights on a business loan to buy property. We are happy to be an addition to that team!

Myth # 3

The Loan Transaction Process Is Long & Complex

While the commercial loan transaction process can be longer than residential loans, this does not mean it has to be complicated and drawn out. In most cases, lengthy commercial loan transactions occur due to poor communication or unforeseen difficulties regarding the borrower's finances, credit, or property. Savvy Lenders work hard to identify those types of issues early on so that delays do not occur in the process's underwriting stage.

And strong lenders also make communication a priority so that borrowers do not experience any surprises throughout the transaction. When done correctly, commercial loan transactions can be completed in as little as 35-45 days on average; however, this is also subject to the appraisal process. We handle commercial real estate loans professionally and efficiently. We fund projects nationwide, whether you are looking for hard money lenders in Boston or hard money lenders in Las Vegas.  If you are trying to separate myth from fact while attempting to secure funding for commercial real estate, contact our experts today (617) 506-9196‬. We will be happy to help you take the next step in accomplishing your investment goals.

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